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Digital Dentistry

Dentistry has come along way in the last couple of decades. One of the biggest changes has been the incorporation of digital technologies to make dentistry more comfortable, efficient and predictable. But, what do we mean by digital dentistry? Have you had gooey impression material stuffed in your mouth? Have you had crowns made that your dentist needed adjusting, have you wanted to change your smile but not sure what it would look like so were scared of the change? Digital dentistry gets rid of all of that.

At Edward Byrne, we have world-renowned 3 Shape scanners and software, and the standard digital dental workflow will always consist of three steps:

  1. Scanning or digital impression taking. This step is the only one visible to the patient since it is about capturing your teeth in 3D. At this stage, you will immediately see the 3D image of your teeth displayed on the screen in under 5 minutes.
  2. Treatment planning and design. At this stage, our dentist and dental technicians use CAD/CAM software solutions to design your new. The design or treatment plan can be revised or refined instantly based on patient or lab feedback.
  3. Product manufacturing. All approved digital designs can be sent to dental 3D printers or milling machines to create appliances (for instance, aligners and retainers), implant crowns, dentures, crowns, onlays, splints, indirect bonding trays, or any other restoration product for the patient.
  1. Product Delivery: You can rest assured that there will be no surprises at your fit appointment due to all the planning and design work that was done before. This makes your treatment high-quality and long-lasting.

Visit us and see how we can design your smile to fit your look personality and efficiently around your busy life.

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